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Privacy Policy

We would not undertake responsibility for the content or privacy practices of external sites, third party Apps or your preferred internet browser. However, we do wish to explain how we work with third parties, including search engines and ad servers such as Google. You can see Google’s Privacy Policy here.

We offer a wide range of services to customers, trading under different brand names. You can see Our Brands and their respective Service Providers at the end of this Privacy Policy.

When we collect your information we may share it across our subsidiary companies. This Privacy and Cookie Policy explains how we would use any of your personal information we might collect and how you can limit our use of it.

  1. What kind of information do we collect?

The information that we collect can be broadly categorised into two.

1.1 Information directly related to you (e.g. your name and contact details, communication details and customer history).

1.2 Information that do not directly identify with you (e.g. how you might browse our website), specifically:

(1) Your IP address through the placement of cookies; and

(2) Your Location , which can be inferred from your IP address or GPS data .

We would like to point out that some cookies are personally identifiable information and unique identifiers. While the others may influence what you see on the website .

  1. How we use your information

2.1 We would be seeking your permission and the cookies would be utilised as per your specific consent and instructions : for example, you would have requested or consented to receive certain information or entered into a contract with us for our goods and services. Else, we will use your information on one of the lawful bases described below in this section.

2.2 Contract

(1) We will use your personal information when you enter into a contract for goods or services which includes and is not limited to competitions, offers and subscriptions or your online account, or you wish to do so, your personal data will be used to enter into a contractual relationship between us and towards fulfilling it.

(2) Fulfilling our contract implies being able to manage and administer our services, and maintain our standards of service levels, customer care and consumer compliance. This includes successfully fulfilling orders and returns, processing payments and refunds and providing aftercare, as well as improving customer experience ( online and offline), monitoring service levels and responding to feedback.

2.3 Legitimate interests.

Other uses of your information are made for ordinary and transparent purposes which we think are necessary for our legitimate interests as a provider of news, content, and other services (including when working with Our Brands). We use your information on this basis to do the following:

(1) Recognise and remember you when you visit our website and better understand how you use our website and others by using cookies to follow your use. We explain what cookies are in Section 6 and how you can manage them in Section 7, below;

(2) Recognise and remember you when you use a Telegraph application (“Telegraph App”), to analyse how you use it and to serve you with advertisements based on your interests. Section 3.1 (4) explains how we gather this information;

(3) Do “ Audience Extension” by delivering you advertisements on chosen, third-party websites that would make their advertising space available to us. We do this by retargeting cookies. We explain about cookies in Section 6 and their management in Section 7.

(4) We will identify your interests and then put them into aggregated form into grouping by a particular audience, known as segments. We can serve you advertisements and offers that you will be interested in within the website, including the data we would receive from third parties. See Section 6 and 7 for more information on cookies and how we serve you with targeted messaging.

(5) Keep you posted on any services you have subscribed to, or any products you have purchased, and/or about similar services unless you have opted out of it;

(6)Contact you to introduce you to our products, services or promotions ( at times, provided by the third parties), including email, mail, telephone, or SMS text message, whichever is your preference. Please see Section 4 to understand more about how you provide and can manage your preferences.

(7) Connect with you through social media in relation to any competitions and/or prize draws you have entered.

(8) Ensuring that the materials on the website or in apps are presented in the most scalable manner suited for your computer or mobile device;

(9) Record numeric internet addresses to improve the website and to monitor website usage; and

(10) Understand and analyse our visitors’, customers’ and site users’ feedback and identify usage hotspots;

2.4 Certain limited uses of your personal data will be utilised for complying with legal obligations like fraud detection and taxation.

  1. How is the information gathered?

3.1 Information (as per Section 1) is collected in the following ways:

(1) indirectly using website technology that tracks and administers your visits through your browser, or when you log on and/or share posts through social media );

(2) directly when you make an enquiry or you otherwise provide your information when you contact us);

(3) through your device (e.g. mobile, PC or tablet) where you have enabled location services for the applicable App or browser. This may be used for location targeted services or advertising in accordance with your preferences, which may be adjusted either on your device or via server or website preferences;

(4) through location technology for mobile web services. The service we use is based on machine learning algorithms which analyse data from different connection types. These include fixed http and https connections, location consent requests on https sites and from mobiles Apps using https connections. More information is available here. You can opt-out of this service here;

  1. How to decide how you want to hear from us?

4.1 You can set your preferences on how you want to be contacted, either by email, phone, post or SMS text. We will always intimate you on why and how we would contact you at the point you give your information to us.

4.2 We also provide you the choice to grant or withhold our permission to contact you. You have opt-in boxes or unsubscribe options, which determine your consent to contact you about our wider range of products and services.

4.3 If you have signed up to receive marketing messages through SMS, to stop this, please reply STOP to the last message you received.