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Why is technology important in your direct selling business?

Why is technology important in your direct selling business?

Digital transformation has enabled a new horizon in every type of business and the benefits of this transformation are highly in demand. Here is an interesting stats for you,

  • The benefits gained from the digital transformation include a 40% increase in operational efficiency, 36% faster marketing, and a 35% increase in customer satisfaction rate.

Interesting, isn’t it?

The above stats show how technology has helped the business to gain the prominence they always required. Direct selling is no different. With advanced and innovative technology solutions, the business will find a new tone.Here are 7 proven methods to become 100% successful in network marketing

By reading this article you will understand;

  • #1 The value of technology
  • #2 The DO’s and DON’Ts while choosing the technology
  • #3 The benefits of choosing the right technology
  • #4 Realizing the actual projected scope or potential of your business

Let’s narrate each of the above points one after the other.

Understanding the value of technology: The basics

Why do we build a basement for our houses and buildings? Obviously, you know the reason and the importance of having a basement. If you are capable of understanding the value of a basement, then why are you lazy when it comes to your business?

Direct selling or any other business needs proper management and organizing capabilities. That’s the basics or the basement we must lay before thinking to grow big. How far can we work using the old paper management system? It’s possible to a certain extent, Am I right?

As the business expands beyond the capabilities of management, we require some help from the automation side. What if we integrate technology from the beginning itself with a basic plan? Won’t that be the best to lay the foundation we always require at the next stages of our business journey?

Yes, we must consider implementing technology for our business. A direct selling business involves a large group of people who market the products using different marketing channels.

The product selling company needs to pay for marketing professionals (distributors) based on their productivity. The bonuses, commissions, and related compensation payments need to be provided at the right time.

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